The more frequently you can practice the faster you will see progress in your playing. People can be born with a great voice, but no one is born with any natural talent to play an instrument. Learning to play an instrument is only a matter of practice.  The more often you practice, the better you will get. This becomes a positive feedback loop - the more you practice the better you will play and the better you play will make you want to practice even more!  

Remember - All practice will result in progress even if you can only practice once a month!  You will progress faster the more frequently you can practice.  

Aiming for 10 - 15 minutes a day and building from there is a great way to start!

Please don't start with long marathon sessions of practice because you won't be able to keep doing those!

Practice with a purpose on a Mt Dulcimer:

Some people like to record all their practice sessions.  If you can do that without getting distracted by other things on your device it can be helpful.  But - you probably don't want to listen to those recordings right away.  Instead record them over 4 - 5 sessions of playing the same tune, then, not during your practice time, listen to the progress you made between the first recording and the last one.  However - be honest with yourself! ... How much time are you spending of your precious practice time just fiddling with your phone trying to get it to record.  Or how much are your criticizing yourself and your playing when you listen to the recordings!  If you are playing with your device too much or criticizing yourself too much, recording your practice sessions will be counter-productive to making progress.

Things NOT to do while practicing: